UX Rescue hold weekly clubhouse chats to talk about areas where we can create social impact through UX. Last week we had an inspiring conversation about Circular Design.

Circular design is about creating products and services that no longer have a lifecycle with a beginning, a middle, and an end. The purpose is to design products that can “be made to be made again”, as well put by Tim Brown, IDEO CEO. There will be as a result less waste and more value-added to the ecosystem.

The circular design process from Ellen Macarthur foundation

In conversation with Denise Tan, User Experience Consultant at Customer Experience Co.

Circular Design…

2020 was a special year for UX rescue. Not only it’s the year of the pandemic but also it was the year the UX rescue started, grew, and created impacts.

We’d like to share 20 stories to walk you through our 2020. (Not all 20 stories are long. Don’t worry.) You can also watch the video version of this — It’s the first 20 minutes.

Story 1. Who are we?
For those who don’t know us yet, We, UX rescue, are a global initiative that helps organizations and social enterprises. We provide UX services to organizations and social enterprises who couldn’t…

Founded by DaHee, UX rescue is a volunteer-based initiative that matches UXers to non-profit organisations who need help. We are a Singapore team put together for a project with Volunteer Corps Nepal (VCN).

VCN is a non-profit, humanitarian, and development organization that has been instrumental in providing disaster relief efforts through a strong volunteer network.

The presentation version of this case study is also available.

An interesting fact about us: We kinda met and/or knew each other beforehand but did not know we would be working together for this project! …

UX rescue is an initiative started by DaHee Kang. UX rescue empowers UX practitioners to learn, grow, and network by helping organizations in need. We’ve been working with various organizations since March 2020. Black Women Speak was the first completed project.

This article was written by our amazing volunteer Charity Myers based on her experience with UX rescue.

UX rescue is a volunteer-based organization that pairs designers and developers with non-profits who need their help. I was one of the first UX designers to sign up after seeing a slack message in the group Designers Group for Good. …

UX rescue

UX rescue is a volunteer community that empowers UX practitioners to learn, grow, and network by helping organizations across the globe.

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