20 impactful stories in 2020

UX rescue
12 min readJan 22, 2021

2020 was a special year for UX rescue. Not only it’s the year of the pandemic but also it was the year the UX rescue started, grew, and created impacts.

We’d like to share 20 stories to walk you through our 2020. (Not all 20 stories are long. Don’t worry.) You can also watch the video version of this — It’s the first 20 minutes.

Story 1. Who are we?
For those who don’t know us yet, We, UX rescue, are a global initiative that helps organizations and social enterprises. We provide UX services to organizations and social enterprises who couldn’t otherwise access them. We have over 2,000 volunteers across the world. They are eager to help you create a social impact through what they know best, UX (User eXperience).

Story 2. How we started

It all started from the question the founder DaHee had in her mind for a while.

“Am I really making an impact?”

While she got extra time in her hands during lockdown (Thanks COVID-19), she got to focus on what really matters. Soon she realized that it was to create an impact. She saw so many people looking for UX jobs and doing case studies just to put on their portfolio. Also, so many people who are working full time but so empathetic and eager to solve problems. Lastly, there was a whole world full of organizations that are doing amazing work and need help.

She started connecting the dots and realized that this can be something. So this is how it came…



UX rescue

UX rescue is a volunteer community that empowers UX practitioners to learn, grow, and network by helping organizations across the globe.